Henry J. Drexler - Artist

Henry Drexler is a professional artist who lives with his family, cats and koi in upstate New York.  His surroundings are a constant source of inspiration for his artwork.


  © 1993
Inverted Acrylic Extrusions & Collage
24" x 30"  

Mr. Drexler's art studio, is appropriately named Matai House using the Fijian word "matai" meaning artist or first rate craftsman.  It is here near the dairy farm where he grew up that Henry has been painting for the past 31 years.  The subject matter of his paintings includes the Chenango River valley, elm trees, majestic windmills, the black and white patterns of Holstein cattle, historic images of local villages, barns, the Adirondacks of northern New York and other places he visits, such as Bucks County, PA and Middlebury, VT.  Although Henry paints primarily impressionistic landscapes, he has also painted award-winning portraits, abstract and non-representational pieces.  He has developed some very unusual and effective painting techniques using large (2 oz) dispensing syringes instead of brushes to extrude paint onto his canvasses.  These extruded acrylic paintings are among his most inventive and successful works.  Though largely self-taught, Henry took several art classes as a history major at Cornell University ('69) and later at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute in Utica, NY.  He now lives with his wife in Norwich, NY and divides his time between his art, local history, a part-time law practice, and his largest art project to date - a house and gardens of his own design that he is building by hand with his family amidst 63 acres on which he has planted thousands of bulbs and perennials and over 10,000 trees.

"Windmill Country" show March/April 2010

"Country Places" show August/September 2007

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